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A Bosnian Table

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A little bit ill from too much meat and starch already ingested I was never the less hoping for something I hardly ever make at home like Baklava , which is, I think, the most well known of the Bosnian delicacies. Hurmasice Fatima brought out Hurmasice instead, a recipe I know well because my grandmother passed hers on to me. She made hers with butter, but most of the women I know make it with vegetable oil. Here is the standard recipe: 4 small cups each of flour, oil, sugar, 4 eggs 1 packet of baking powder Mix together till dough like paste forms and shape into appx 4 inch ovals Bake at 375 till golden brown cool for 10 minutes and pour over warm hurmasice Silvana Mondo Welcome, I am delighted to spread out the carpets & share occasional coffee conversations. Here I record personal kvetsches about Culture, Food, Politics, Travel. I was born and have always lived in between cultures. As a writer and a woman, I explore the nuances of living connected between two cultures and yet somehow outside of both. Growing up a Third Culture Kid, I traveled & bloomed. In 2012, my hybrid identity led me to Italy, in the Val d'Orcia where I worked with & wrote about food & culture.
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